Sunday, August 10, 2008


Broiler production emanated from the word “Broiler” and it
is about keeping birds for rearing.
If you see a chicken (broiler chicken), it attracts you because
of its characteristics such as fast growth rate, early
feathering, higher efficiency of feed conversion and
desirable flesh colour.
Before one can produce broiler chicken, one needs to have
interest to rear chicken and also to be able to manage a farm
properly and to have the knowledge of poultry farming.
Experience is another important aspect for a good
production. A broiler producer must be a good planner,
hardworking, careful and always present at the farm site or
to assign an experience and reliable person on his behalf.
This WRITE-UP will specifically deal with one aspect of poultry
production commonly known as a broiler chicken, which is
different from geese, pigeons, ducks, turkey and guinea
In starting broiler production, it is very important to provide
a conducive physical environment like building of the
house, after which the management practice of the chicks
start up till the rearing stage for broiler production.
This WRITE-UP will enormously help you to understand the
management and practice that involved from day-old such
as: The provision of heat, Air, Water, Feeding and the rest.


Broiler production enterprises is fast becoming a lucrative
business all over the world, especially in developing
countries of the world, where the market horizon of Broiler
production enterprise suddenly became enlarged as a result
of various governmental efforts of these countries to place a
ban on the importation of dressed birds. The poultry farmers
and most especially those who specialized in Broiler
production now have cause to smile because of the
economic gains of the enterprises.

However, apt and indebt knowledge about poultry
production and most especially, about broiler production
determine the type of success likely envisaged. If you are
vast in the management of broiler production before going
into it, and if you are already into it, here is an added
advantage to grab.
This PIECE, aptly put together with its practical orientation
will no doubt go along way in equipping a practical broiler
farmer with necessary skills and training in managing his
enterprise effectively and successfully. This PIECE is
therefore, strongly recommended to all who wish to take
broiler production as hobby or as a means of livelihood.
The purpose of this PIECE is to give aid to the teaching,
guiding and creating of awareness to the youths, students,
middle aged men and all who are interested that there is
always an easy way to be self-employed by going into the
production of broiler chickens.
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